6 Tips for Designing a Bathroom That Will Sell Your Home


What is the most important room in the house to home buyers? There was a time when real estate agents claimed a kitchen sold a house, but this is changing. Bathrooms are increasingly important. Most people looking to buy a house have not just a firm number of needed bathrooms in mind, but a mental list of necessary features and a few dealbreakers as well. In addition, modern people are increasing drawn to newly redone bathrooms. Your washroom can be an important factor in whether your home closes quickly or languishes on the market.
So how can you remodel a bathroom that will make your home more sellable? Consider the following dos and don’ts.

  • Do: Talk to real estate agents and contractors. Professionals have the experience needed to tell you what sells and what doesn’t. The stakes are too high if you are remodeling specifically for a home sale.
  • Don’t: Choose anything trendy. Home buyers know that trends have an expiration date and soon look dated. No one buys a home in which they may soon have to remodel an otherwise perfectly fine bathroom.
  • Do: Focus on visuals. Little accents can make a huge difference in how a bathroom is perceived. While most people won’t ooh and aah over your light switches or drawer pulls, these details can have a huge subconscious effect.
  • Don’t: Assume other people have your taste. Maybe you think those lime green walls go with a black bathtub, but others may not share your opinion. Choose colors and features that are neutral and will appeal to most people.
  • Do: Add a wow factor. That sunken whirlpool tub or shower with steam faucets just might sell your home. Adding even one eye-catching and unique feature makes your home more memorable and also adds a luxury feel.
  • Don’t: Choose colors or features that make a bathroom look dark or dirty. While it is no longer generally a concern, people still unconsciously associate dark or dirty bathrooms with danger and disease. Ensure that the bathroom is well-lit and designed to look as sanitary as possible.

Are you thinking about selling your home and considering a bathroom remodel to increase your home’s value and attractiveness? Talk to an experienced bathroom contractor today about how they can assist.