Walk-In Bathtubs Add Convenience and Safety


We always think of our convenience and safety wherever we go. Even at the comfort of our home, we always make sure that each of us, including our family members is safe and sound. This is why nowadays, more and more homes are being remodeled to achieve safety and reliability inside. This includes the safety inside the bathrooms, where it is more prone to accidents and unfortunate circumstances. Re-Bath® would like to attain this safety to every bathroom inside your homes.

Re-Bath® would like to introduce you to a growing trend in bathroom remodeling – the walk-in bathtubs. It is an ideal bathtub for ADA and Aging In Place customers because of the added convenience and safety it offers. The designs are carefully created to meet its goal – which is to ensure safety inside the bathroom most especially for ADA and Aging In Place customers.

Walk in bathtub replacements offer easy entry from the bathroom door, comfortable seating to the toilet and bath tub, easy-to-reach faucets in the sinks and convenient grab bars inside the bathroom. And with a water depth of almost two and a half feet, the walk-in bathtubs ensure a relaxing, comfortable bath even while sitting upright.

Choose from our line of soaker safety baths or add the “water massage” water jets, air jets or both, to your bathtub renovation. This is intentionally design to let you feel at ease and relaxed at the same time while you are inside your bathroom.

Imagine how secured you will feel if you get these kind of designs inside your bathroom. Everybody should now know the importance of walk-in tubs inside every bathroom. You and your family members deserve this. Re-Bath® is now your partner for your bathroom remodeling. Learn more about your options with our easy bathroom design tool.

Walk in bathtubs

Immerse yourself in luxury in one of Re-Bath’s select Walk In Tubs

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